Purchase order / bid via phone

In case buyer does not wish to participate personally at the auction the auction house will bid on his behalf based on a purchase order. We are accepting purchase orders during the time of the presale exhibition but no later than 3 hours prior to the start of the auction. For the purchase order to be accepted buyer must pay 20% in advance, which in case of an unsuccessful bid will be refunded to the buyer. If the purchase order is successful, the entire amount of the advance must be considered as down payment; in other matters the rules for buyers in person will be applied. If a higher purchase order is received for the same lot from a third person or a higher bid is received from other buyers, the absentee bidder will be refunded the whole amount of the advance without any deductions. It is also possible to bid via phone. In case of a telephone purchase order if the call recipient cannot be reached for any reasons the purchase order will equal the starting price. The auction house cannot be held liable for any telecommunication issues. If multiple purchase orders are received for the same amount the first incoming order will have priority.